Digital - Film - Sound


Produced and photographed still campaigns and digital photo/ retouch for:

SAAB Automobil, SAAB Scania, Volvo Lastvagnar, SKF, Ericsson Telematerial, Lindex, Swegmark of Sweden, Elektrolux, MQ Sweden, Mölnlycke, Eveco,Advertising Co... HO Sjöqvist, ArtMen, Tema, Explicit David JonesŠ Catalogues, Market Street, Sydney,Bob Roberts PtyLtd, Sydney, Floxen&Singer PtyLtd,Melbourne

Experience / highlights from the regional and national and commercials TV The TV commercial is generally considered the most effective mass-market advertising format.

Swedish Television , News, Documentary, Fiction and Sport, ADR , ZDF,YLE, NRK, DR, BBC World, BBC Newsnight, Sky News , Sky Sport, RAI Uno.

I have been working for the Swedish Television between 1992-2000 with drama productions as:
  • … Hem till byn
  • … Svenska hjärtan
  • … Hammarkullen
  • … Änglarna sover
  • … Anderssons älskarina
  • … Hemma hos Olsson/Kurt Olsson
  • … Glappet

  • To Swedish Television

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